Watch Columbo on your box

In the UK, Columbo can regularly be found on ITV1 and ITV3.

If you'd like to find out when Columbo is on, you can check at the Radio Times website.

If you just can't wait, there are many Columbo DVDs and DVD boxsets available via a variety of retailers, including

Multiple Series

Why buy individual series when you can get a lot more in one box? As ever with DVD releases there's some rather random choices for these box sets - a set for series 1-4 for example, but nothing for 5-11. However October 2009 finally saw the release of the whole lot in one collection!

Series by Series

Alternatively you may wish to buy individual series.

n.b. the series 10 DVDs also include series 11 and the specials, whilst series 1 includes the two pilots.

Random Compilations

Before the box sets were released, two compilation DVDs were put out on sale, each containing two classic episodes.

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