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The Shows: Mint

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from 2001

Presented by
Marc Riley
Rob Hughes
Radio Station
BBC 6music
Sundays 10-midnight
On air
3 October 2004 to 25 March 2007

Exactly six months after his first solo show on the station and Marc gained a second slot. Mint was born.

And after just leaving one double act, it was almost as if he was joining another as he was joined once more by Uncut journalist, Rob Hughes.

Rob Hughes had been a staple of Rocket Science since day one for the half hourly 'Parallel Universe' feature, but his knowledge, expertise and all round good banter with Marc made him an obvious choice to join the show as the pair set off to explore the world of collectible records and memorabilia, with a slight tongue in cheek.

Not since the hay days of Radio 1's Antiques Records Roadshow had there been a show dedicated to collecting records - and that certainly didn't have the sense of fun that Mint provided.

For if you're going to talk about such a spoddy subject, you've got to do it with a sense of fun else only the spods will listen. And sending presenters out to charity shops and car boot sales to see who could get the best bargains with a crisp five pound note, certainly added to the fun.

And hey, if you want more, Mint's probably the only show in the last 30 years to have played records off 8-track cartridge.

Well... John Peel excepted...

All that frivolity and fun however wasn't to last - as part of schedule changes, the final edition of Mint was broadcast on 25 March 2007.

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