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The Shows: Rocket Science

6music logo
from 2001

Presented by
Marc Riley
Radio Station
BBC 6music
Saturdays 2-5pm
On air
3 April 2004 to 26 August 2006

After departing Radio 1 in 2004, Marc took up an immediate job over at digital station 6music presenting a Saturday afternoon show with a show called Rocket Science - because it isn't.

The first three shows were pre-recorded with Marc sounding rather nervous and lonely in his first show - with a smattering of apologetic comments about finding his own voice.

Thankfully it didn't take long at all. By the second show, the lad was settling in and sounding more comfortable already and in no time the show was gaining a following.

Even more was a possible nod to the past - the Graveyard Shift had always started with a small monologue by Mark Radcliffe, and to a long time listener like myself, there was a certain familiarity about the style of some of Marc Riley's links.

Early shows were also littered with live performances from many of the bands who a few weeks before had payed tribute on the final afternoon show, but as the weeks went on, the live sessions began to feature newer, less well known artists.

Initial features included the Parallel Universe where Marc would be joined by Uncut journalist Rob Hughes to explore the music news of a week in the past, a slightly odd but amusing set of sketches featuring a radio pirate from Kilburn taking over the airwaves, and Dave Bowie on the phone. Well sort of.

But most of all the show quickly proved to the world that Marc Riley was more than just Lard. And in next to no time, he was dominating the station, by inspiring the network's Bowie Day which featured an hour long interview between David Bowie and Marc Riley.

A second show, Mint was to follow as Marc became firmly entrenched at the station. His place in the hearts of the listeners was assured, but Rocket Science was not to last forever. It ended in August 2006, to make way for a new evening show - Brain Surgery.

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