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The Shows: Skyman

Radio 1 logo from 1990

Presented by
Mark Radcliffe
Radio Station
BBC Radio 1
Mondays, 8:30-9pm
On air
5 Jul 1993 - 16 Aug 1993

Some people believe that Chris Morris's Blue Jam is one of the most surreal pieces of radio listening known to man. Those people obviously never heard Skyman.

The premise was simple, albeit slightly strange. In it, Mark Radcliffe played the part of an alien from the stars called Skyman, who looking down on Earth, and making observations about it. Observations that were weird, wonderful and of course, surreal.

In between links, a selection of music that was entirely space related, including songs by TV Personalities and David Bowie, as well as clips from old science documentaries which were labelled as coming from earth comedians. Oh and did I mention excerpts from The Clangers in every edition? No, didn't think I did.

Keeping with the space theme, the programme used the 1963 track, Sky Men by Geoff Goddard as its theme tune.

Only six editions were made, appearing in the time slot preceding Out on Blue Six over seven weeks. Since then it has been almost forgotten, and barely known except by the most ardent of Radcliffe fans. Indeed this website wouldn't have known anything about it had it not been for the discovery of some recordings by a reader.

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