Negbores Episode 7

<Theme Music. Then the last bit of the last episode. Ooooooooh drama!>

Danni: But who are you?

Loo: I'm Lou Carpenters-Record, your fifth stepdad, or somet.

Armitage: <Awakes from his slumber.> What? <Looks at Loo> Who are you?

Loo: I could ask you the same question.

Armitage: I'm Armitage. Armitage Shanks. The new actor plaing Loo Carpenters-Record. Who are you?

Loo: But I'm Loo! I only got stuck down a manhole for one episode...

Lucy: Told you. They've got rid of you, hence that rather pathetic piece of script writing with you down the manhole.

<Cut to shocked look on Loo's face.>

Loo: Errr.... <He stares for hours.>

Armitage: You have been fired. You must die.

<He raises his arms.>

Armitage: Feel my power!

<Strange blue special effects errupt from his hands.>

Armitage: You will die.... NOW!!!

<Lou falls top the floor, his body writhing in agony as lots of special effects hit him. Well, actually all the sparks miss him due to crappy video editing. The following is repeated ten times.>

Armitage: DIE!!!

<Cut to Loo wriggling on the ground. Cut to Danni's face. She turns her head slowly to look at Armi then back to Loo on the floor. Cut back to Loo then back to Armi. After the huge amounts of repeating, cut to Lucy staring at her nails. Danni whacks Armitage over the head with a vase. The sparks turn green and he screams. Bouncer runs in, despite the fact that she was run over years ago and knocks Armitage over. Armiatge disappears in a puff of smoke. Loo stands up, unscathed. He dusts himself down.>

Brush: Phew. That was a close one.

<In the shed, Helen is still kidnapped. Do keep up. The unseen voice is still unseen.>

Unseen Voice: Argh <Cut to Martin Daniels who is showing Helen a card trick> Argh! ARGH!!!

Martin: What is it?

Unseen Voice: Someone has destroyed part of... the... DARK SIDE...

<There is a major piece of dramatic music.>

Martin: <Casually> Oh, is that all?

<Theme music.>

Behind the Scenes

Okay, tis getting a bit ridiculous now... Still, you can't have Neighbours without Bouncer. Anyone else remember that frankly insane dream?


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