Negbores Episode 6

<Theme Music. Jangly one. The one where someone puts a cricket ball through the Ramsey house window and Max looks out, shaking his fist menacingly despite the fact that he died years ago. Anyway, the recap... In the garden shed...>

Unseen Voice: Look, for bloomin' sake. Jim is dead and your easel isn't here. AND NO! You can't go to Umbongabonga or whatever it is called, in the Outback. NOW SHUT UP. I am trying to hold you hostage.

Helen: One thing.

Unseen Voice: WHAT?

Helen: Have you got a sofa to fall off?

<Harold Wilson arrives at the hospital. He meets Phil, Martin and The Goyt.>

Harold: Philip! You're back! So they let you free did they?

Goyt: <In annoying squeeky voice> Who?

Harold: Why, the kidnappers of course. Martin Daniels told me you had been kidnapped.

Philip: What??

<Turns to look at Martin who has strangely disappeared. There is a whisper of acrid smelling smoke where he was standing. Oh, and a top hat with a bunny in it..>

Philip: What's going on?

<Back in the garden shed...>

Unseen Voice: So Helen Daniels... This will be your final storyline. You will not escape this one. <Manic laughter> Ha ha ha!

Helen: But I've got to go to the outback...

<Lou and First Lucy arrive at Lou's house having escaped the demon manhole. He puts his key in the front door>

Loo: Funny... The lock has changed...

<He rings the doorbell. Danni lets him in.>

Danni: But who are you?

Loo: I'm Lou Carpenters-Record, your fifth stepdad, or somet.

Armitage: <Awakes from his slumber.> What? <Looks at Loo> Who are you?

Loo: I could ask you the same question.

Armitage: I'm Armitage. Armitage Shanks. The new actor playing Loo Carpenters-Record. Who are you?

Loo: But I'm Loo! I only got stuck down a manhole for one episode...

Lucy: Told you. They've got rid of you, hence that rather pathetic piece of script writing with you down the manhole.

<Cut to shocked look on Loo's face and the theme music played.>

Behind the Scenes

Was it just me who used to watch Neighbours's title sequence that featured a cricket ball going through Max Ramsay's window, even though he'd been killed off years before? Well? Anyone?

Meanwhile the changing actors caper continues. Neighbours never did try to replace Lou Carpenter, but hey, lets not let facts get in the way of things...


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