Negbores Episode 5

<Theme Music. Major catchup time.. Cut to the Daniels House>

Voice 1: Hi! We're your new neighbours. Just moved into no. 30.

Voice 2: I'm Jack. Jack Daniels. Pleased to meet you.

Martin: Likewise. Who is your friend?

Voice1: Ben.

<Cut to hospital.>

Philip: How is she, doctor?

Doctor: Well it's quite bad Mr Martin.

Philip: She's going to <dramatic music> die?

Doctor: Ooooh no! Nothing that bad. Not that bad at all. No, the trouble is that she's just been kidnapped.

<Down a manhole.>

Loo: So this is what happens when the actress/actor is changed. The original ends up down a manhole, stuck for eternity.

Lucy: Yep. So your job doesn't look safe, does it?

Loo: No... <Pause> ..Unless we do something about it! SuperLoo to the action!!!

<Cut to a garden shed.>

Unseen Voice: Aha! Helen Daniels! Now we have you under our control and there is nothing you can do about it - because you are sick and deliriously ill! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Helen: Argh! Where's Jim? Where's my easel? Where's my bus pass?

Unseen Voice: In your coffin...


Loo: Hey, I've got an idea! As I'm a superloo, I have one of those lights inside me. Go inside me, then the light well shine and we can find an exit!

Lucy: How much are you to get in?

Bog: 20p.

Lucy: What? TWENTY PENCE???? What a rip off...

<She inserts the coin and light fills the sewer, Lucy spies a ladder and climbs up it. Loo looks round and quickly changes, unseen. He follows behind Lucy.>

Lucy: <Emerging at the top of the manhole> At last! Air! Sky! Sun!

Bog: Yup. And cars too.

<Screech! Crash! Bang! Whallop! Meanwhile, in number 30...>

Ben: So you want a party?

Jack: Yeah! We could invite Glen!

Ben: Who?

Jack: Glen! Glen Fiddich!

Ben: And what are we going to drink then?

Jack: Hmm... Whisky?

Ben: And just where are we going to get whisky from? Stupid idea.

<Garden shed>

Unseen Voice: Look, for bloomin' sake. Jim is dead and your easel isn't here. AND NO! You can't go to Umbongabonga or whatever it is called, in the Outback. NOW SHUT UP. I am trying to hold you hostage.

Helen: One thing.

Unseen Voice: WHAT?

Helen: Have you got a sofa to fall off?

<Theme music...>

Behind the Scenes

Every now and then in Neighbours, there always seemed to be a time when the episode needed serious padding so they just put in a huge, and usually pointless recap. Well hello!

Anyway, most importantly, we've finally had a kidnapping!



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