Negbores Episode 4

<Theme Music. From yesterday... Cut to the Daniels' House, Harold Wilson is having a party! Loud music etall. Camera pans to reveal that he is the only one there. The doorbell goes. Madge is at the door...>

Harold: Madge!

Madge: Harold! Bloody hell you stink. And you look completely different...

Harold: <Whispers> Sssh! You're not supposed to notice. <Louder> Anyway! What are you doing here???

<Cut to hospital. Martin, Philip and annoying git Hannah sit there. Doctor appears. Philip stands up.>

Philip: How is she, doctor?

Doctor: Well it's quite bad Mr Martin.

Philip: She's going to <Dramatic music> die?

Doctor: Ooooh no! Nothing that bad. Not that bad at all. No, the trouble is that she's just been kidnapped.

<Back to Harold and Madge sitting on a settee.>

Harold: So why are you back?

Madge: Well, I heard some strange rumour that you'd joined the Salvation Army so I had to come back and check and it's nowt to do with the fact that the script writers have run out of ideas and Australia is running out of actors, or that I've been caught gun running for the Nicargarararararaguans and that I need somewhere to stay with some sap who won't turn me over to the police. Oh no..

Harold: Well it's good to have you back. Give us a hug.

Madge: You seriously expect me to hug someone who smells worse that Michael Barrymore? On yer bike sucker.

<Meanwhile, SuperLoo is in action. Well, he's fallen down a manhole..>

Loo: Help!

Lucy: Oi? Who is that?

Bog: They call me, SuperLoo! Who are you?

Lucy: I'm the very first Lucy Robinson. I fell down this hole years ago and everyone stopped looking for me, so I've been down here ever since.

Loo: But you look nothing like Lucy Robinson.

Lucy: D'oh! That's because the Lucy Robinson you know is a completely different actress. The third actress to play Lucy. I'm the original.

Loo: So this is what happens when the actress/actor is changed. The original ends up down a manhole, stuck for eternity.

Lucy: Yep. So your job doesn't look safe, does it?

Loo: No... <Pause> ..Unless we do something about it! SuperLoo to the action!!!

<Theme music....>

Behind the Scenes

In TV, if you replace an existing cast member, no one notices the fact that they don't look the same, or talk the same. Well except in Negbours anyway!

And this episode is full of it. Here we hark back to the fact Lucy Robinson fell down a drain and not long after, went on holiday, coming back looking completely different. But that's not as funny.


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