Negbores Episode 19

<The theme tune plays, the recap begins...>

Sergent: So Mr Bobbinson. We meet at last. We've been keeping our eyes on you.

Paul: <defensive> How?

Sergent: What?

Paul: How have you been keeping an eye on me? I've been blooming' invisible haven't I!

Sergent: Errr yes, but... Well... You did leave a shadow...

Paul: <shocked look on face> What?

Sergent: I said, you did leave a shadow.

Paul: Yes, I heard you.

Sergent: <Confused> Then why did you ask what I said?

<Cut to Jack, Ben and Glen walking down the street>

Ben: I really can't believe how easy escaping from that cell was.

Jack: Me neither. And now we get to see what its like to be a fugitive on the run!

Glen: But I'm not a one armed man, am I?

<Sirens blare out. Three police cars surround the pair. A voice is heard over the loud hailer>

Voice: Right then you lot, you'd better give yourselves up right now.

Ben: Oh blast!

<Cut to prison cell again.>

Glen: You know what I can't believe?

Ben: That it's not butter?

Glen: No. I can't believe we're back here again.

<We cut to the other side of the cell and see that Jack, Ben and Glen are not alone. Not that we see who it is, cos they are in the shadows and all that.>

Voice: You're better off in here. For in just ten minutes I will have my ultimate revenge on Ramsey Street <the person moves out the shadows. We see it is Paul Bobbinson>. In just ten minutes, Ramsey Street will no longer be! I WILL WIN THIS WAR!

Ben: <to Glen and Jack> Why is it we always end up with the raving nutter?

<Cut to Ramsey Street. Philip and Lucy 1 are stood on their driveway next to a clapped out battered car.>

Philip: So as you're probably 16 or 18 or however old you are, I've got you a little present - this <points to car>

Lucy 1: Wow! Philip! You shouldn't have.

<The car wing falls off>

Philip: Oh its alright. When Jim Robbinson died he left a trust fund in order to buy all the teenagers in Ramsey Street a car. Of course, what with inflation over the years there isn't that much money left and this is all the fund could afford, but it's a nice little motor.

<A wheel falls off and rolls down the street, past Harold and Loo who are walking up the street>

Loo: Hiya guys, lovely day for it!

Harold: Lovely day indeed. We're just off to number 30. Have you met our new neighbour, Toadfish?

Philip: Not yet although I believe Helen was going to go over with one of her paintings and a spare sofa, later on.

<It suddenly starts getting dark>

Loo: Hey thats odd. Its suddenly getting dark.

Harold: Indeed. Most curious. Its only 2:30. Not sundown for ages yet.

<Lucy starts pointing to the sky, open mouthed>

Lucy 1: Look....

Loo: Oh my word...

Philip: It's a huge jumbo jet...

Harold: And its heading straight for Number 30...

Lucy 1: It's getting closer...

<We see the plane falling down from the sky, closer and closer to Ramsey street. Cut to the shocked looks on the four faces of Harold, Lucy 1, Loo and Philip, all who know that any moment now, they, along with the rest of Ramsey Street and probably the rest of Ericsborough, will probably die. Cut to police cell, to Paul Bobbinson>


Jack: Oh will you shut up. I'm trying to get some sleep. Some people, honestly...

<Theme tune>

Will Jack, Ben and Glen every get out of jail? Is Paul Bobbinson completely insane? Just why did Helen have firearms under her bed? Will Lucy 3 ever turn up? And just what will happen to that huge great big dockoff jumbo jet hurtling towards Ramsey Street right now? Will we ever know, or will they all just wake up cos it was just a dream?

Perhaps one day series 3 of Negbores will be written. But then, perhaps we were destined never to know...


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