Negbores Episode 18

<Theme tune plays. The recap starts...>

Harold: Arh. Helen. Nice to see you. What's going on in there?

Helen: Oh the usual. It was my kidnap den, then someone died then someone else was brought back to life then someone ceased to be invisible. Have you got an easel by the way?

<Harold checks his pockets>

Harold: Not on me no.

Helen: Oh that's a shame. I haven't done any painting for ages...

<Cut to Daniels' household. Philip and Lucy 1 are there.>

Philip: I need a surrogate daughter to replace Goyt as I haven't bought anyone a car yet.

Lucy 1: Well it's an amazing opportunity.

Philip: It is indeed.

Lucy 1: But what happens if Lucy 3 turns up?

Philip: Simple. Just rename yourself Hannah and take over from her.

Lucy 1: But she's dead.

Philip: Yeah but who's going to remember that in a few episodes time!

<Cut to Helen, Harold and Toadfish walking in the park>

Toadfish: Ribbit-gulp, rabbit-gulp, rabbit-gulp!

Helen: Yep. It was all a cynical attempt to take over a cheap hotel.

Harold: Amazing. What do you think will happen to Madge and Paul now...

Toadfish: Ribbit-gulp.

Harold: Nnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! It cannot be....................

<Harold runs off in the direction of the shed. We cut to inside where Madge is lying, pinned to the floor with a kitchen blender, while Paul is pinned to the wall with toothbrushes. Harold rushes in.>

Madge: Uuurggghhhh

Harold: Madge, darling, are you alright?

Madge: Urrg. What do you think? Get an ambulance you rotting corpsoid idiot!

Paul: And get some dental floss too!

<Cut to outside. Helen is talking to Toady by the lake.>

Helen: You know, you'd have thought someone would have at least tried to rescue me, wouldn't you? But oh no! Rescue Helen! Pah... Fancy a smoothie in the coffee shop?

<Suddenly sirens blare and five hundred police cars arrive at one. Phil jumps out of one and rushes towards Helen.>

Phil: Helen! Thank goodness you're alright!

Helen: Well of course I'm alright. Honestly. Now did you bring an easel?

<Inside the shed>

Sergent: So Mr Bobbinson. We meet at last. We've been keeping our eyes on you.

Paul: <defensive> How?

Sergent: What?

Paul: How have you been keeping an eye on me? I've been blooming' invisible haven't I!

Sergent: Errr yes, but... Well... You did leave a shadow...

Paul: <shocked look on face> What?

<cue theme tune.>


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