Negbores Episode 2

<Theme Music. Cue dramatic bit from the last episode...>

Helen: Jim's dead?

Harold: Martin! I came as quickly as I could.

Martin: But who is <Climax reached> Harold Bishop?

Harold: So anyway, what is Helen doing on the floor. As a good, loving grandson-in-law or whatever you are, shouldn't you help her?

Martin: I'm not her son <Dramatic music...> I'm <builds up...> Martin Daniels. I'm sort of filling in for Philip Martin. He's been KIDNAPPED! <Dramatic music ends>

<Cut to Mrs Mangle in England.>

Mrs M: Len? Where are you?

<Back to Helen's house.>

Harold: So Phil's been kidnapped? What are you doing here then?

Martin: Magic.

Harold: Magic?

Martin: Magic! Paul Daniels is my dad! We do magic!

Harold: Oh.

Martin: And I'd buy some deodorant if I was you.

<There is a knock at the door. Martin moved to open it. We see him talking to the people at the door and hear their voices, but don't actually see them.>

Voice 1: Hi! We're your new neighbours

Voice 2: I'm Jack. Jack Daniels. Pleased to meet you.

Martin: Likewise. Who is your friend?

Voice 1: Ben.

<Cut to view of doorway showing Martin talking to two whisky bottles.>

Voice 1: Ben Eagles.

Voice 2: Isn't that Helen over there?

<Unbeknownst to us and Harold Wilson, Helen has regained consciousness and is setting up her easel to do some painting.>

Martin: Helen! No!

Helen: Argh!

<Dramatic music starts. Helen drops her paintbrush and collapses. Theme music starts>

Behind the Scenes

Every episode of Neighbours began with a recap, so Negbours couldn't be any different.

By now someone had read the first episode and wondered, naturally, who Martin Daniels was. The only Martin Daniels I knew was the son of magician Paul Daniels. Well, he'd just have to do.

Instead I decided Philip Martin had been kidnapped - kidnapping being a big part of Neighbours in the 1980s - and played more on the idea of complete miscasting by introducing a series of characters named after alcoholic beverages.

But my favourite bit of Episode 2 is the brief arrival of Mrs Mangle. A fantastic character, Mrs Mangle spent most of her time wandering around Neighbours shouting to her husband Len who was, mysteriously never seen on screen.


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